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Zodiac’s premium range of inflatable boats has been sold globally since the 1930’s. Synonymous with style and quality, stability and performance, Zodiacs are a range of boats that will outlast all imitations.

Gravelly Beach Marine is proud to bring you the full Zodiac range as the Premium Zodiac Dealer in northern Tasmania.  With over 25 years experience in this range of boats we can help you select the perfect boat for your intended use.


The Zodiac range - something for everyone...

Zoom – 2.3m – 3.1m
The ultimate value for money small boat or tender. Why buy Chinese when you can still have Zodiac style and service at an affordable price.
Cadet – 2m – 3.6m
The most reliable compact size inflatable with outstanding lifespan and long warranty. Easily customised for your needs with a range of sizes and flooring configurations.
Classic – 3.5m – 4.2m
The original and the best tried and tested design this is where Zodiac evolved from and still retains all the zodiac qualities of strength, stability and safety.
Futura – 3.7m – 4.5m
Extremely versatile uses from watersports and fishing to touring and diving and anything else you can imagine with exceptional performance and handling created by the unique cushioning tubes that create a pocket of air for the boat to ride on.
Yachtline – 3.4m – 5.3m
Designed for optimum passenger seated comfort whilst retaining compact low profile design makes these the perfect deluxe tender
Pro – 4.2m – 8.5m
A leading design in RIB technology. Fully modular allowing the layout to be customised using a wide a range of consoles and accessories, you end up with all the features you want and none of the parts you don’t need. Even the fabric offers a choice of colour and construction.
Pro Open – 5.5m – 6.5m
The 4x4 of the seas incorporating a deep V hull to slice smoothly through waves the RIB will be at ease in all activities and all sea conditions. Fit out includes all the features you need to make boating easy incorporating under deck storage, built in tank and even an esky.
Medline – 5m – 8.5m
A beautiful elegant RIB designed to enhance quality of life on board with superior styling. A perfect day boat for long-range cruising in absolute comfort.




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Zodiac Cadet


Zodiac Medline


For full boat specifications please visit the Zodiac website


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