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Being located at the mid point of the 70km long Tamar River, Gravelly Beach Marine is approached from the north and south.

To the north you encounter the Batman Bridge with a clearance of 91m (299ft) so there is no barrier to any sized vessel cruising the Tamar River. To the south you will find Launceston with the only requirement that navigation be performed close to high tide due to shallow draft in the channel.

Stoney Brook that runs along the side of our property provides access to the sheltered creek area and two of our slipways. The channel is marked, when entering the creek please navigate between the red and green piles.

There are many public pontoons and sheltered anchorages along the river so if you would like to go cruising after your maintenance is complete there are plenty of options.


The Tamar River is the longest navigable tidal estuary in Australia with a tidal range averaging a 3.4 m rise and fall.

This means all slippings must be conducted on a high tide.

See for tide times add +1 hour to low head tide times for local conditions.

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